ARC Colloquium: Alexandre Stauffer (Bath)

Algorithms & Randomness Center (ARC)

Alexandre Stauffer (Bath)

Monday, April 23, 2018

Klaus 1116 East - 11am


Title:  Competition in randomly growing processes

Abstract:  We consider random growth processes that compete for space over time. 

This is by now a classical topic in probability theory. The usual situation is that when the two processes have different speeds of growth, then one of the processes wins against the other. 

It is quite rare to find natural models where both processes coexist forever. 

In this talk I will discuss a random growth model, which we introduced as a tool to studying a famous model of dendritic growth from physics.

This growth model can also be regarded as a model for blocking the spread of fake news in a network.  

We will discuss the behavior of this processes, its phase transition and the occurrence of coexistence.

This is based on joint works with Elisabetta Candellero (Warwick) and Vladas Sidoravicius (NYU Shanghai). 


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  • Monday, April 23, 2018
    11:00 am - Tuesday, April 24, 2018
    11:59 am
Location: Klaus 1116E