ARC Colloquium/ACO Student Seminar: Peter Winkler – Dartmouth College

(Pizza will be served at 1pm in Skiles 005)


Pursuit on a Graph


Pursuit games---motivated historically by military tactics – are a natural for graphical settings, and take many forms.  We will present some recent results involving (among other things) drunks, Kakeya sets and a ``ketchup graph.''  Lastly, we describe what we think is the most important open problem in the field.
Peter Winkler is William Morrill Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Dartmouth College.  He is the author of about 150 research papers and holds a dozen patents in marine navigation, cryptolography, holography, gaming, optical networking, and distributed computing.  His research is primarily in combinatorics, probability, and the theory of computing, with forays into statistical physics.  He is a winner of the Mathematical Association of America's Lester R. Ford and David P. Robbins prizes.

Dr. Winkler has also written two collections of mathematical puzzles, a book on cryptography in the game of bridge, and a portfolio of compositions for ragtime piano.  He's working on a new puzzle book.




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